Learning Modes & Services offered with Celtic Training

Celtic Training offers 4 learning modes 

  • Classroom Mode – All lessons conducted in a classroom environment with mandatory attendance. 
  • Distance Mode – All learning is conducted through our online learning portal, offering opportunities for people who due to distance, employment, or personal obligations are unable to attend our Classroom Mode 
  • Mixed Mode – a combination of Classroom and Distance Mode which allows for maximum flexibility of learning is available for selected courses. 
  • RPL/RCC Mode –  All students can apply to have Prior Learning and Current Competency recognised as part or even their entire training program.  Where Prior Learning or Current Competency meets less than 50% of the subject requirements, the full subject is required to be completed. Applications for RPL and/or RCC should be made at the commencement of any training. Applications are available from Administration. 


Teaching and Learning Services 

  • Internet and computer access for students through a dedicated computer room 
  • Practical Skills Laboratory 
  • 1 on 1 and small group tutorial support available where necessary 
  • High quality support mechanisms through regular visits and support  whilst students are engaged in workplace practicums 
  • Workshops and support in relation to assignments exams and practicums 
  • Complaints and appeals mechanism available to all students 
  • Student counselling available 
  • Literacy and Numeracy/ESL Specialist trainers available