Learning Modes & Learning Services

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Celtic Training offers 4 learning modes

  1. Classroom Mode – All lessons conducted in a classroom environment with mandatory attendance.
  2. Distance Mode – All learning is conducted through our online learning portal, offering opportunities for people who due to distance, employment, or personal obligations are unable to attend our Classroom Mode
  3. Mixed Mode – a combination of Classroom and Distance Mode which allows for maximum flexibility of learning is available for selected courses.
  4. RPL/RCC Mode –  All students can apply to have Prior Learning and Current Competency recognised as part or even their entire training program.  Where Prior Learning or Current Competency meets less than 50% of the subject requirements, the full subject is required to be completed. Applications for RPL and/or RCC should be made at the commencement of any training. Applications are available from Administration.

Teaching and Learning Services

  • Internet and computer access for students through a dedicated computer room
  • Practical Skills Laboratory
  • 1 on 1 and small group tutorial support available where necessary
  • High quality support mechanisms through regular visits and support  whilst students are engaged in workplace practicums
  • Workshops and support in relation to assignments exams and practicums
  • Complaints and appeals mechanism available to all students
  • Student counselling available
  • Literacy and Numeracy/ESL Specialist trainers available

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