About us

Our work-ready training program is designed to empower our students with the vital skills and practical experience needed for success. We provide industry-specific equipment, hands-on practices, and placement opportunities, allowing you to apply your newfound knowledge directly to real-world scenarios. This ensures that you can confidently step into your chosen career path from day one.

At Celtic Training, you have the option to choose from a wide range of courses in various fields, including Health, Community, and Business Services. Our experienced trainers offer flexible learning options, enabling you to study at your own pace.

Celtic Training is proud to be a part of the globally renowned education provider NextEd Group, ensuring that our high-quality accredited training programs come with industry recognition and credibility.

Why choose us?

Industry-specific learning

At Celtic Training, our approach to education is hands-on and practical. We provide our students with real-life classroom training, offering access to industry-standard equipment and practices to ensure that their educational experience closely mirrors real-world scenarios.

Guaranteed placements

In every course we offer, placement are secured to ensure they are not only job-ready but also equipped with the credentials to enhance their resumes and future prospects.

Funding opportunities available

Celtic Training offers a variety of funding opportunities that may be accessible to you to support your training journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further information and details on how to explore these options.

A part of NextEd Group

Celtic Training is proud to be a part of NextEd Group, our parent company, which is a globally recognised provider of learning experiences and one of Australia’s most esteemed and trusted education organisations. With NextEd Group’s support, Celtic Training gains access to valuable training resources, benefits from an extensive history in education, and upholds a longstanding and respected reputation that you can rely on with confidence.

Our core values

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Be Bold

Courageous and forward thinking people who are inspired to deliver and support impactful innovation and growth strategies

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Be Inclusive

Diverse and engaged teams who are agile, connected and aligned to putting collective success before individual achievements

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Be Respectful

Honest and considerate people who show gratitude for the efforts of others and take responsibility for their actions

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Be Excellent

Passionate and results driven people who are renowned for delivering great student experiences and outcomes