Client and Consumer Rights

  • Celtic Training’s marketing and advertising is ethical and accurate.
  • Students are informed before enrolment of all costs and charges that will be incurred throughout the duration of the course.
  • Our RTO has fair refund policies that are documented and provided to each student prior to enrolment. In the event that our RTO is not able to fulfil its obligations we have measures in place to ensure that you either receive the service from another RTO or a refund.
  • We ensure that student academic, financial and other records maintained by us are complete and accurate. These records are managed to maintain confidentiality and will not be divulged to third parties unless authorised by you or under law. You may view your own records to confirm their accuracy and completeness.

Access and Equity. Legal Obligations and Client Outcomes

  • We are committed to principles of access and equity, and will not unlawfully discriminate against clients. The obligations we place on our staff and students are to protect their health, safety and welfare, and ensure as far as possible, that learning experiences are positive and free of discrimination or harassment.
  • Our policies and procedures are designed to ensure that you are treated fairly, and receive all reasonable assistance to successfully complete your course, once accepted for enrolment.
  • We will strive to ensure that any concerns and complaints about our services are dealt with fairly and constructively.

Industry Engagement and Qualification Recognition

  • We encourage relevant industry representatives to participate in our training development and our training and assessment services. This ensures that our graduates hold the required skills and knowledge to the standard of performance required in the workplace.
  • Our training and assessment strategies are developed in consultation with industry to ensure that they are relevant to industry needs. Where your training or assessment occurs in a workplace, evidence of your performance will contribute to our assessments.
  • Our teaching and assessment staff regularly engage with industry to ensure their knowledge and skills reflect current industry practice.
  • Assisting learners/clients gain recognition for existing skills and knowledge through a process of Recognition of Prior Learning and Recognition of Current Competency;
  • Recognising the completion of relevant units of competency with another Registered Training Organisation and crediting these towards completion of the qualification;

Quality of Training and Assessment

  • Celtic Training is committed to providing the high quality training that students/clients have contracted to receive.
  • Our organisation is committed to continuously improving the services it offers, and to seeking feedback from you about the services you have received from us.
  • Our organisation is a Registered Training Organisation under the Training and Skills Development Act 2008. We ensure that at all times our operations comply with the legislation and the Australian Quality Training Framework standards to be met by each Registered Training Organisation.
  • Offering learning and assessment services that, as far as practicable, meet individual learning needs;

On enrolment, all learners/clients will be asked to sign-off on having read and understood the Code of Practice at Learner Induction.