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Known as one of Australia’s leading private training providers, Celtic Training is the place to be for leisure and health courses Adelaide wide. Our campuses all over the country take pride in our high qualified trainers who offer the required vocational and training skills relevant to each and every course we provide. If you’re interested in a career that’s focused on community services, business, ageing support and healthcare, start training today with Celtic Training.

Our beautiful Adelaide campus is centrally located, giving students the opportunity to engage in a range of activities in their down time, while enjoying the convenience of free WiFi on campus, individual training rooms, and so much more. If studying at a great campus with trainers that will pave the way to an awesome career sounds good to you, apply today.

Celtic Training provides a wide range of health care training and so much more. If you’re ready to kickstart your career in any of the industries we offer coaching for, give us a call today on 1800 123 584 or apply online.

Leisure and Health Courses Adelaide

cert iii community services

Community Services Training

Offering ‘on-demand’ training, Celtic Training are leaders when it comes to leisure and health courses Adelaide wide. With our quality trainers, we want students to feel confident knowing they’re receiving the best delivery of education and coaching in their leisure and health related courses, by trainers who have gained a wealth of industry experience and knowledge.

After completing our community services courses, student’s will be able to apply for relevant job roles within their chosen industry knowing they’re backed by real world experience and training that has prepared them for the workforce.

women in business meeting

Business Courses

Looking for the best business training Adelaide has to offer? The skills that individuals will gain through training with Celtic Training are provided by real business owners, team leaders, and department managers from across the world, offering insightful information and knowledge you won’t gain anywhere else. Courtesy of our experienced coaches, students will have the opportunity to work alongside some of the very best, ensuring they’re equipped with the right information and education to get them set for employment.

For individuals wanting to start their own business, become a team leader, or take on managerial and leadership roles, our business training Adelaide professionals will guide students through is the best solution for getting your foot through the door. Completing this course through us will see your credibility in the business industry improved, and your employability enhanced for future job roles.

cert iv ageing support

Ageing Support Courses

These courses are specifically designed to give students the experience they need to properly build their confidence for working within the ageing support industry. Our trainers work to provide students with a focus on safe practices for client care, along with guiding students to understand how they can effectively communicate with a diverse range of communities and individuals. In the process of this course, students will also acquire skills that will see them being able to apply for managerial roles.

Thanks to our high-class training facilities, students have the opportunity to study at our beautiful Adelaide campus, centrally located and conveniently close to a number of off-campus activities to enjoy.

cert iv in leisure and health

Healthcare Courses Online

The healthcare industry is always expanding, and the demand for nurses, paramedics, social workers and so much more is in high demand. Thanks to our industry leading training programs, students will complete our healthcare courses feeling work-ready, knowing they’ve been trained to the highest standard and acquired up-to-date education for their future job roles. All trainers at Celtic Training have an extensive background of industry experience, making them the best candidates to coach and guide our students in the right direction.

The courses offered with Celtic Training have been designed for flexibility and affordability, allowing us to provide students with the necessities they need to get a head start into the workforce. Everything that students learn with Celtic, they will be able to implement into their future job roles, giving them the opportunity to enhance clients quality of life and well-being the right way.

Start Your Career with Celtic Training!

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