What Management Jobs are in Demand?

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Imagine that a cafe worker, Jane, wants a promotion to management or to find a new job in hospitality or tourism. She wants a job that is both in-demand and pays well. But she is unsure how to navigate a post-COVID job market or what these in-demand jobs will be.

A recent article and data by SEEK might clear up some of these concerns. Based on the article, this blog will explore jobs that are in demand and offer a higher salary than they did before COVID.

We are focusing on management roles as requested by students in our latest class for:

These students want to learn about the potential job outcomes for their qualifications. If you want to read about the other jobs across other industries, check out the SEEK Article here.

How did we find these jobs?

SEEK is a leading job search site. They recently released an article titled: ‘Ready for a pay rise? These in-demand jobs are paying more’.

The data ‘shows jobs that have seen a rise in salary, paired with significantly more job ads yet not enough people applying. This means not only is there considerably less competition for these jobs, they’re also offering job seekers a higher salary than they were before COVID.’1

Let’s say that Jane comes across this article and clicks on the Hospitality & Tourism table. The top 8 jobs listed on this table are manager roles.

  • Store Manager.
  • Operations Manager.
  • Café Manager.
  • Venue Manager.
  • Assistant Venue Manager.
  • Assistant Restaurant Manager.
  • Bar Manager.
  • Duty Manager.

Jane then does some research to see if she likes the day-to-day tasks and experiences of each job. We encourage you to go out and do the same for jobs you would like to pursue. Here is what we found out about some of these jobs from the SEEK data.

Cafe Manager

Average salary: $ 62,055

Job Ad Growth: 18%

‘Café managers oversee the day-to-day running of cafés. They hire, train, and supervise café staff, order café supplies, resolve customer complaints, and ensure that food health and safety regulations are adhered to.’5

Café manager Jonathan Castrillon found that he’s still doing what he loves as a barista.

‘In a sense yes, they [duties from barista to manager] have changed after being promoted. But they say you never stop being a barista, and we believe that wholeheartedly.

So yes, although my position entails doing some more things and being responsible for more stuff, it doesn’t [compromise] me being a barista first.

I love coffee and I’m very passionate about it. It is what drives me to show up to work every day and serve the best cup of coffee to the community.’6

If you want to lead in a café environment, then look further into café manager job opportunities. But, if you prefer to work in retail, consider becoming a retail store manager.

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$62,055 p.a.

A cafe manager at work
A cafe manager at work

Store Manager

Average salary: $68,337

Job Ad Growth: 28%

If you enjoy interacting with others and don’t want to work in a cubicle all day, working in retail might be for you. Retail store managers supervise staff and operations at a retail store.2 According to indeed.com, the duties and responsibilities of a store manager include:

  • Recruiting and hiring staff.
  • Completing schedules and assigning duties to the store’s staff.
  • Training new employees and providing continuing education and training to current employees.
  • Tracking and implementing financial quotas for the store and staff based on the business’ goals.
  • Managing store inventory.
  • Evaluating staff and replacing staff as needed based on performance-based metrics.3

To get a better idea of the daily tasks of a Retail Manager, check out Sam Baio’s interview from WorkBC’s Career Trek here.

One of the big tasks for many retail store managers is managing stock and inventory. Other jobs are even more focused on inventory and operations management.

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$68,337 p.a.

Operations Manager*

Average salary: $86,150

Job Ad Growth: 16%

Operations managers manage the production of goods or the delivery of services.4

These managers help run a business’s day-to-day operations by implementing

  • strategies,
  • quality assurance programmes,
  • budget plans, and
  • health & safety procedures.

Like store managers, they often manage the recruitment and training of staff.

To become an operations manager, students will likely need a higher qualification than a Diploma. According to SEEK, ‘Most Operations Managers have completed an undergraduate degree and have at least 3-5 years of experience.’ The Certificate IV in Leadership & Management (BSB40520), and the Diploma of Leadership & Management (BSB50420) have units that may be transferrable to a higher qualification. Please send us an enquiry if you have questions about this.

Operations managers ‘are an important part of almost every industry, including

  • retail,
  • insurance,
  • finance,
  • healthcare,
  • education,
  • government institutions, and
  • manufacturing organisations.’

Some locations, like venues, may need a more specialised manager.

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$86,150 p.a.

Manager woman drawing a flow chart
Manager woman drawing a flow chart

Venue Manager

Average salary: $77,141

Job Ad Growth: 13%

Venue managers help run venues like hotels, theatres, or outdoor spaces. They often handle the operations, maintenance, and bookings. They also supervise all staff, including event staff, groundskeepers, and maintenance personnel. 7

Here’s how a venue manager on SEEK described their job:

‘As the venue manager, it’s a great feeling to know that you are trusted to make important decisions. You’ll be in charge of employee schedules, ordering supplies and budgeting. You will also get to interview people, hire them and promote them.

(For me, the biggest challenge was) making tough decisions. Especially the unpopular ones for the good of the company.

Being a venue manager is a tough job but if you are a people person and a team player, go for it!’7

We have investigated the daily tasks of several manager jobs. But how do you become a manager in the first place?

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$77,141 p.a.

How do I become a manager?

To show a company that you’re ready for a manager role, collecting on the job experience is often an essential step. Agency recruiter Jaclyn Westlake explained why experience is so important to employers:

‘Understanding the ins and outs of your current position, the dynamic of your team, and the nature of your industry will be super helpful as you navigate your first management role. These also happen to be traits of an exceptional supervisor…

If you’re feeling a little light on transferable experience or want to beef up your leadership skills, consider taking a management class or working toward a certification.’9

Man attending an online class
Man attending an online class

Do I need a Qualification to become a Manager?

Different management jobs may or may not need a qualification.

For example, on ‘How to become a Retail Store Manager’, SEEK wrote that:

‘Formal qualifications are not required to work as a Retail Store Manager, as this is usually a position that is obtained through work experience and on-the-job training. However, qualifications in retail services may be viewed favourably by employers.’

For this role, SEEK suggests the following potential steps:

‘1. Complete a qualification in retail services, such as a Certificate III in Retail (SIR30216) or a Certificate IV in Leadership and Management (BSB42015).

2. If you are looking to further your career within retail, you can work your way up and apply for promotions to more senior roles, such as Brand Manager or District Manager. You could also undertake further studies, such as a Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51915).’ 4


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The demand for skilled talent is on the rise across Australia. In the hospitality and tourism industry, in the demand of average salary of manager jobs.

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