Lynn Nguyen


I have come from an Asian country, where we think that elderly should stay at home in their old age and being pampered by the love of their children. It is a wonderful perception and I believe I myself would definitely follow that tradition. However, in fact there are so many obstacles and difficulties for family to fulfil their wish, because they still have to go outside for their living expenses and cannot devote full time working as a carer for their loved ones. Some wealthy families solve this issue by looking for an assistant to stay at their home as a carer, however it is really difficult to meet one who is kind and well trained to support elderly people’ mental and physical needs. Families don’t want to send their elderly loved ones to nursing homes because being afraid of social disparagement or worrying about provided services qualities in nursing homes.

When I attended the Certificate III of Individual Support for Aged Care course in Celtic Training, my perception of looking after elderly has completely changed. Thanks to the educator, Ms. Pam Salandra, who has many years of experience and hearty careers passion, we have been demonstrated the effective methods to assist residents with their daily living activities, how to safely handle equipments and prevent infection, cross contamination in the working place, as well as maintaining the safe of residents and ourselves as the duty of care. The students are also trained how to support the independence and well being of an elderly person, facilitating their empowerment in a person-centred approaching way, while providing them a respectful, effective and safe support to enhance life quality regarding mental and physical need satisfaction. We also had wonderful time in the practice lab with other educator, Mr. Stephen Wardle, who has a very good sense of humour that made the lessons easily to understand and remember. The school managers and office team are extremely nice, friendly and always offer us great support with comprehensive information and consultancy.

My practical session has continued with 120 hour placement at Allity Charles Young Aged Care nursing home. We have received considerable attention from Ms. Shané Prinsloo, the Placement Coordinator, who has visited us every week during the time which made students from other school feeling jealous. She listened to our expreriences, asked for our difficulties if any, and given us precious advices to successfully complete our placement with positive outcomes. She has also kept us informed timely about the feedbacks from the facility which helped us keep going ahead with the placement with confidence. I am so glad to have such a companionship during my time at Allity.

I believe the decision to obtain a profession certificate with Celtic Training is the right choice and look forward to a kick-start in my career as a support worker to the elderly people.



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