We have all faced hardship at one point or another and that is why we are happy to broadcast to all that the Celtic Training community of staff are always finding new ways to assist current and potential students in further their educating to improve their employability and future job opportunities.

Payment Plan:

Whilst we know you’re an excited about the idea of opening a new door of opportunities with one of our many accredited qualifications, the biggest concern on your mind right now might be how can I afford to get started? The easiest and most used option by our student cohort is the payment plan where we can divide the total course fee whether that be funded or full-fee up in either weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.

  • Weekly (available for both funded and fee for service students)
  • Fortnight (available for both funded and fee for service students)
  • Monthly (only available to fee for service students)

Government Funding:

Potentially the only financial assistance you need could be the subsidisation of the qualification from the state government. Celtic Training has the privileged of having several different funding to choose from with it having the ability to change the co-contribution price. Please click the below links to find out if you are eligible.

South Australia


Austudy is a government initiative to assist full-time students that are under the income test limits, complete the course without having to worry so much about financial stability. Currently our Certificate III in Individual Support is eligible for this funding as it is a full-time course that is built to get students Job ready in 2-3 months. To find out if you are eligible and or apply please click this link.

To assist the Celtic Training team with working out if you are eligible for funding and or payment plans, please try to fill in all the information below. So one of our experienced learning consultants can be in touch.

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